We're here to be the community catalyst. Period.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an organization that recognizes a need and rallies around creating solutions. We hope to inspire others in our communities and build a strong sense of unity and togetherness to do the same.

Our Mission

What does it mean to be a Community Catalyst? We want to ignite those whose passion is to uplift and serve our communities with an attitude togetherness.  We foster this hope and passion to create a collective willingness to come together and support our communities’ needs as they arise.

SEEDs of Hope’s mission is to champion a world where individuals + organizations co-create energized communities that embrace collaboration.

Operating at the intersection of catalyst for change and breaking through barriers, we use education and volunteerism to build community, critical consciousness, and college and career readiness.

Our Story

SEEDs of Hope was created by the partners of S.E.E.D. Planning Group as a way to give back to their communities. This initially took form by serving as a resource for non-profits and organizations to receive coaching in problem solving and sustainable fundraising.

The partners then evolved to identifying the incredible burden of repaying student debt as well as teaching clients the crucial skills of personal financial management. This led the team to ask two questions that formed SEEDs of Hope:  

What If? How Might We?

What if we could become a collective voice and collaborative center for crucial conversations with our communities? How might we work together to create meaningful impact, challenge the status quo, and combine the heart of a nonprofit with the financial focus of business?

Since then, SEEDs of Hope has evolved and expanded from financial literacy programs to larger community impact projects as well as College Prep Bootcamp. Services provided by SEEDs of Hope are unique and unmatched in the community. While other non-profits are limited to a specific cause, SEEDs of Hope focuses on ensuring the success of all their partner organizations.

We strive to keep this posture of “how might we help” in all we do and encourage our communities to do the same.

Our Core Values

Every project we start and consider must align with our core values below.
We believe in them so much that it's part of our name!

Anyone with ideas on projects or programs and those who may not have ideas but would love the opportunity to volunteer, network, collaborate, donate, lead, inspire, or mentor. You can participate based on your availability and desired level of involvement.

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